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    How much do you know about the classification of the filling machine just getting started?

    2019-09-10  1381

    The classification of filling machines on the market is very wide, and the filling speed of the filling machine is very fast and the efficiency is very high. The filling machine not only helps the company to achieve production efficiency quickly, but also maximizes its benefits. Nowadays, the filling machines on the market mainly include liquid filling machines, weighing filling machines and paste filling machines.

    Liquid filling machines can be divided into atmospheric pressure filling machines, vacuum filling machines and pressure filling machines if they are to be divided according to the principle of canning.

    Atmospheric filling machines are usually filled under the pressure of the atmosphere by the weight of the liquid, and the filling machine can be divided into regular filling and constant volume filling.

    The vacuum filling machine is capable of being canned under the condition that the pressure in the bottle is less than atmospheric pressure. Such a canning machine is not only simple in structure, but also has high efficiency, and the adaptation range of the viscosity of the material is relatively wide.

    Pressure filling machines are canned under atmospheric pressure. Of course, this can be divided into two types. The first one is that the pressure inside the liquid storage tank is the same as the pressure in the bottle. The way in which the liquid is self-weighted and flows into the bottle, so that the canning is called isobaric can.

    The other is that the pressure in the reservoir is higher than the pressure in the bottle, so the liquid will flow into the bottle by the pressure difference, which is usually used in high-speed production lines. Users can choose the filling machine according to their own situation.