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    What are the working characteristics of the bag machine?

    2019-09-10  820

    What are the working characteristics of the bag machine? Speaking of the name of the bag machine, many people may not know what it is, but the packaging machine should be a bit of a concept. The bag feeder is one of the packaging machines. The packaging machine is mainly designed according to the bag width, so it is necessary to select the product packaging for the bag machine.

    The bag machine is not only divided into different models, but also divided into different stations, generally 6 stations and 8 stations. The standard 6 station is the upper bag, coding, opening, blanking, heat sealing and cold sealing. The standard 8 stations are the upper bag, coding, zipper, open bag, blank filling, dust removal, vibration, heat sealing and cold sealing output. If the customer bag width is less than 200, if there is no zipper, the standard 8-station machine will be used, but the zipper action will be removed, and the bag opening will be moved to the open zipper position, and the unloading will move to the open bag position. This needs to be noted that this kind of machine can't be changed into the open zipper function in the later stage; if it is necessary to change the zipper to the zipper in the later stage, it is necessary to put the blanking station to the fifth position.

    1. What are the structural components of the bag machine?

    Electric box

    2. What are the matching functions for the bag machine?

    1 picking device, vibration device, bag making device, dust removing device, exhaust device, inflating device, punching device, PE device

    3. What components are there for each station in the bag machine?

    In fact, the characteristics of the bag machine are far more than the above, and the characteristics of the machines developed by different manufacturers are different, so we will introduce them later.